Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My dad has the daunting task of , eventually clearing out my mother's earthly possessions. The day before she died she had gone shopping and my dad gave me some of the food in the fridge because he wasn't going to eat it. He gave me some other stuff too that was what my mom would consume. I saw 5 bottles of Tonic Water in the cupboard; they were probably on sale and she stocked up. This made me think of all the things I "save" so I don't run out. Like lotion or shampoo or toothpaste. I'll never finish that last bit up "just in case" In case of what? I don't know. but my mom never got a chance to finish reading her book or to make a sandwich wrap.
So, what does this mean? I decided to use up things instead of having them laying around. This doesn't mean I'm going to be wasteful but, if I bought it, I'll use it. I'm especially bad at saving make-up. I have tons and tons of make-up, 1/2 full 1/3 full, unopened, or a microscopic amount.

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