Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Lately I've been avoiding my once staple "trad" forums. For one thing, my favorite, which is hosted by people who I consider dear friends, seems to have been over-run with young, 20-something year old males who think they know everything; from marriage to women's bodily functions and post excessive amounts, insinuating themselves into every. single. thread. Then there are the cynical shitheads who mock anyone and everyone who pleads for charity. These are older, married men that are obviously very angry about something or other. There's never discussion anymore, only argument of stupid, petty things like ladies wearing trousers and bitching and moaning how bad the Novus Ordo (which is it, but can we shut up about it already? isn't that why we're trads?) is and going out of their way to find something to be offended about. Anything they are not familiar with or isn't to their liking is derided as "liberal, modernist, Marxist, feministic crap". They act as if never before have there been bad Catholics, irreverence at Mass, sin and indifference to religion as today. Is it worse today? Maybe, but it certainly isn't new. I'm reading a book right now, written in 1867 (or thereabouts) which laments how cold and indifferent and disrespectul people are towards the Blessed Sacrament. How hardly anyone respects the Mass and how many graces are lost for Masses unheard. 1867 not 1967. I have more thoughts on this but want to stew them in my mind a bit more.