Saturday, September 10, 2005

Is this necessary?

I'm not funny like Jeff Miller nor smart like Jimmy Akin. I don't have even one tenth of the logic that Dave Armstrong has. So why yet another neo-con catholic blog? For one thing, I'm not sure I'm a "neo-conservative catholic". I'm much more sympathetic to the Traditionalist movement than most neo-cons, but I don't fit in with the Trads either because I think the Novus Ordo is a perfectly valid Mass (when done correctly) and actually happy with Pope Benedict XVI. There must be other Catholics like me, aren't there? Hello?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Blog Name change

I changed the name of this blog to reflect my current feelings of the Church today. The "spirit" of Vatican II is leading souls on the path to perdition. 2,000 years of Church tradition and history are being tossed out the window in favor of the last 40. This makes no sense. Today over on The Curt Jester is a link to a parish called St. Maximilian Kolbe. St. Max is possibly my favorite saint, and yet I somehow doubt he would even recognize this as a Catholic Church. I barely recognize it as Catholic. Although it's not nearly as bad as St Joan of Arc in Minneapolis Then on the other side you have Novus Ordo Watch which goes the other extreme in tossing out the last 40 years, and claims that the New Order of the Mass isn't even Catholic, that they are the true Catholics, and that there hasn't been a Pope since 1958 (sedevacantism). Here I am caught in the middle, although I'd cut off my right arm rather than go to a "Mass" at SJA. The Bishops and the Vatican are real quick to squash any Traditionalist movements, yet Richard McBrien and Joan Chittister are still blathering away, pretending to represent the Catholic faith. It's depressing.