Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Haunting

I love the show, I really do. Even with its cheesy re-enactments and "cheap" scares. And you know that if TAPS were there, they'd debunk the hell out of that shit. One thing that does bug me is the lighting. Why is everything so dark? They have every light in the house on and it's still all doom and gloom. And who gets up in the middle of the night hearing the proverbial "bump" and not turn on a light? I'd break my neck trying to run around here in the dark chasing after vague noises. Then there's smudging. That's where you take some sage and burn it and walk around your house. I guess ghosts don't like the smell or something. But, apparently, the ghosts never got the message because every time a homeowner/ghost victim tries the "smudging" it never works. Neither does calling in a "psychic" to "guide them to the other side". Just ask the Johnsons. That pathetic little wiccan ceremony did jack squat. They had to call in TAPS later. Not that TAPS got rid of whatever it was, they don't do things like that. They just proved that whatever was haunting them was still hanging around.

So yeah it's cheesy and me and my eldest love to riff it MST3K style, but it can still give me the heebie-jeebies and have me reaching for the Holy Water, Rosary and Scapular.