Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amazon Associates

I just signed on to the Amazon Associates program, not to make money but because I love "shopping" there. I read a lot. Or I used to. My mom got me the 12th book in the Wheel of Time series "The Gathering Storm" which I'm thinking about starting. It's a thick book and I want to make sure I can read it without a huge gap. Also, it was the last Christmas gift my mom will ever give me. I wish I had known it would be her last Christmas. We never think of those things as they are happening. I also would hate to die unexpectedly without having ever read it. My mom had checked out about 5 books the day before she died. She was an avid reader too. We like many of the same authors: Jonathon Kellerman, Robert B. Parker, Jesse Kellerman just to name a few.

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