Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something HAS to be done

After a week of one disaster after another (car dying, glasses frames broken, reduction in Child Support) the mess in the apartment is too much. I need something better than FlyLady. I cannot stand all the freaking emails. It worked for me for awhile until she started with all the "testimonals" (a/k/a "commercials") for her products. And it felt like I was constantly picking up; and I only had the 2 kids then. My main problem as my Dearest has pointed out: my irregular sleep schedule. SO. I decided to create ONE new habit for the next 21 days: go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7am no matter what day of the week or if it's a James week or not. (Incidently this is his last week of school, and it's a Daddy week). I even set the alarm on my Palm to remind me to go to bed. And then: BABYKINS. Cry cry cry, fuss fuss fuss. Cry and fuss, fuss and cry. Cruss and Fye. So here it is, almost 1 am and I'm still up. Farming. Reading other blogs. Procrastinating going to bed. And now I'm peckish and keep thinking about the pita bread and hummus I bought today....

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