Monday, May 31, 2010

Water is wet says Cardinal; everyone outraged

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec, reiterated the Church's teaching that abortion is a moral evil, and wrong in all cases. Everyone got their knickers in a twist. I don't understand why this is a controversy. Everyone knows that the Catholic Church teaches that abortion is always wrong and a grave sin. Are they upset that His Excellency actually spoke about morals in public? (That would be my guess). Read more here, and here.


reddog said...

They aren't mad about the Cardinal espousing Catholic views.

What they're mad about is that when the Catholic Church holds all the cards, they refuse to consider the minority opinions of those that hold alternate views on social issues but now that they are in the minority on these very same issues, they're all hot for increased dialog.

The Catholic priesthood has proven over and over that they have no respect or tolerance for the views or lifestyles of those who choose to live their lives in any way counter to Catholic doctrine and dogma. They seek to influence secular society to conform to their narrow interpretation of the social contract on every issue.

I find Catholics to be a diverse group with varying lifestyles and a wide range of tolerance toward others. Priests, for the most part, punch the Vatican ticket right down the line. Debate with them is pointless and only leads to anger and anguish. Those priests with views that are moderate or flexible are tossed out or marginalized by the church.

I think the days of Catholic clergy being taken seriously in the public forum are over, until the Church and by this I mean the institutional church and not the Catholic people, reforms itself.

What do you think?

Katherine MI said...

Thank you for you comment reddog and yes, Catholic Bishops today have about zero cred simply because they haven't been doing their jobs, which is teaching the Catholic Faith to their flock and winning souls for Christ. We need more Bishops with spines and who will speak out against such moral evils as abortion, and reiterate what the Church teaches about the sanctity of life and about faith and morals. Then perhaps there won't be so much shock when a Bishop actually does his job. I have to disagree, though, on your assertion that those priest who are "flexible" (i.e. dissenters) are tossed out. They've run the ship the past 40 years and have run it aground. Thankfully, young priests today are good, solid, orthodox men who have a great love for Jesus Christ and want to serve Him. They want to save souls, God bless them.