Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Blog?

I had a dream where I started a blog that wasn't really themed on anything; just random stuff typical of what goes on in my head. But then got to thinking "why? Just pick up this one where you left off." So, I guess I could do that. If I stick with it.
I had considered this my "catholic" blog, talking about churchy stuff. But I never update it because I'm such a terrible Catholic, it's embarrassing really. But, now I say heck with it, not like anyone actually reads it but myself and maybe one or two friends. Also, I'm such a coward at saying anything "controversial" which makes for lousy blogging; but at least my blogging is consistent with the rest of my life. So, no new blog. I have a habit of not finishing things and wanting to start from scratch after I've made of mess of it. It doesn't work.

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