Thursday, February 07, 2008

Imperious Lenten Post

Fasting, Almsgiving and Prayer. The 3 buzzwords every Catholic knows (or should know) about Lent. We received the Ashes on our foreheads yesterday reminding us that God created us from dust and to dust we will return. Besides not eating meat on Friday (which of course is really the only day of the week I'll crave it), a lot of Catholics give up something else as well, something they enjoy but is not really necessary like going out to eat, chocolate, smoking. I usually try to come up with a penance I will be able to stick with by Sexagesima, Quinquagesmia by the latest. Not this year. No, I finally came up with something after a long discussion with a friend yesterday. And it seems an odd sort of penance at first. Being the good little ana that I am, I hop on the scale about 8-10 times a day. It's really become a habit I hardly think about. After lamenting about a 1.5 pound gain, she told me "Get off the damn scale!" (her exact words). She suggested I not get on the scale all during Lent. Knowing this is impossible I thought, "well, how about once a week?" This I can do. So I went in there once last time, weighed myself and wrote the number down (no, I'm not going to tell). But, it being a habit and all, I hopped on it late last night. And wouldn't you know, the scale didn't work. Just nothing. Battery must have died.

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