Saturday, June 23, 2007


I've been a little busy lately, got bit with the cleaning bug after watching "How Clean Is Your House?" on YouTube. While my apartment isn't quite as bad as some of those homes, it definitely needed (needs) a good scrub; the "after" segments motivated me somewhat. I think I'm going to do some rearranging of the furniture in the LR and my room. And then I got sidetracked reading a little biography about St. Therese of Lisieux who is my confirmation saint. It was "okay". And now I've seem to have misplaced Pope Benedict's book, but I know it's around here somewhere (it better be, since it's a library book). Oh and I took Travis to the museum for a special "space thing" they had there, which was a lot of fun.


Mrs. Fluffy said...

I've been looking at my piles of dishes as well. Every time I make a dent, I do a bunch of cooking and it's all a mess again.

Did your boys like the Space thing?

Katherine MI said...

Oh Travis loved it. I didn't take James. I had a pretty good time too :)