Monday, June 04, 2007

The Scapularinator

My Brown Scapular had been Missing-In-Action for about a month now. Undoubtedly, little hands were to blame. I found it this morning in (where else) the boy's bedroom. They somehow managed to get it under the leg of their dresser (?). But Sweet Baby James worked it out and proclaimed "I got your Scapularinator Mommy!" That sounded like a perfect name for a Scapular/Terminator parody. The Scapularinator could roam "Catholic Communities" throughout the world, destroying such things as this ... statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary(?!), felt banners and other dubious religious art. It could have a heterodox sensor that would spray Holy Water at a priest delivering a "luv-is-all-you-need" homily. Or infuse a church with blessed incense if Sister WitchyWomyn was delivering the homily. It would show no mercy towards LegoTruck Crosses.

1 comment:

Brad Harvey said...

I`d never seen the lego truck cross before. Hideous! There`s an open door on the truck. I hope it isn`t meant to be a Tabernacle.