Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Obligatory Condemnation of Tiller's Killer Post

A man who made a career of tearing babies limb from limb and puncturing their skulls to suck out their brains, was shot dead by a mentally unbalanced man. Some people are horrified; others are jumping for joy. I'm smack in the middle. Murder is never an answer, whether it's a 15 week unborn baby or an abortionist. I don't even like the death penalty. On the other hand, Tiller is responsible for the deaths of at least 60,000 children. 60,000! And unfortunately, Tiller never had a chance to publicly repent. Is he in Hell? I don't know. I pray he had a chance before death took him to repent of his sins (just like I hope everyone who dies suddenly has a chance, the way I hope I have a chance to repent of my sins before death). I bet Scott Roeder will have the chance to repent he denied Tiller.
My friend has a quote on her Myspace page. It says "Why do we kill people who kill people to show killing is wrong?" Killing Tiller didn't really change anything. Babies will still die due to a "choice". The "choice" people will lionize this man and make him a martyr for their cause. The horror that is abortion will be pushed aside yet again.
Condemning this murder is pointless really. The mere fact that I mentioned George Tiller's heinous profession will null and void any condemnation I give. The pro-aborts are frothing at the mouth over the "violence" of the Right (when in fact it's just one lone looney-tune responsible). The irony is they ignore the violence done to babies at the hands of men like Tiller.

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