Saturday, July 29, 2006

Go Nuts! Lugnuts!

Tonight Travis and I went to see our Lansing Lugnuts play against the Burlington Bees. It was very hot and humid today, 87 *F at game time. The Lugnuts got an early lead but by the 8th inning were behind 3-2. But in the 9th they managed to rally back and win the game 4-3. Go Nuts! Every year our parish Men's Club buys group tickets at a discount and also we take a bus to the stadium. This is great, because I hate driving in traffic. We didn't go last year for some reason. It makes me feel guilty if we don't do something fun during the summer. Next week is our Annual Corn Roast, which we also missed last year. This summer has been much better. We had our rocket launch on July 4th, although we lost the rocket. I promised Travis I'd buy him another one. We saw one that actually takes a picture while it is up in the air, so he wants that one.

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