Monday, December 19, 2005

Can't Take It Anymore

I really don't know if I can continue to attend the Novus Ordo Mass anymore; at least not in this diocese. After suffering through "innovations" and people yakking it up in the Sanctuary after Mass; one guy even had his cell phone out-- his cell phone! In the sanctuary! My son and I stayed after to offer reparation to Jesus for the way He is treated before Mass, during Mass and especially after Mass. Then I watched Sunday Mass on EWTN. Why can't our Mass be like that? It doesn't look that hard. Actually, it's really simple: follow the rubrics! So, then I watch a Traditional Latin Mass online, streaming video. No room for "innovations" there. I may just have to start attending the Indult Tridentine Mass 60 miles away. My observations on the 2: The "Old" Mass is undoubtedly Catholic. The "New" Mass is very Protestant, which was the point I think. I became Catholic to be Catholic, not "Roman Protestant". My car is old and decrepit, and I used to use it as an excuse not to go to the TLM; but now I'll just have to trust in God. He will take care of me. (And my car too)

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